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The Importance of Water

Life is found in the purity of water. That’s why it’s important to drink water, as it can help improve your well-being. Take care of yourself and your family with high-quality filtered water. 

At Royal Prestige®, we follow the World Health Organization and its opinions on water because we care about the quality of your water. When we consume pure water, it can help us to experience greater well-being. Each sip not only quenches our thirst but also regulates our body temperature, transports essential minerals, facilitates optimal digestion, and aids in the elimination of toxins from our bodies. Additionally, it can help you maintain radiant skin and optimal mental clarity. By consuming filtered water with added essential minerals, you also aid your nutrition, where most of your essential minerals should come from. Fresh water is the foundation of a healthy life.

Download the official report by the WHO.

What Is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse osmosis filters water by using pressure to force it through a barrier with extremely tiny pores. This process diminishes substances resulting in fresh water whenever you need it.

Royal Prestige® FrescaFlow helps reduce substances (based on third-party testing) such as:

Cadmium 95.5%sdfsdf
Cadmium 95.5%
Fluoride 96.4%
Fluoride 96.4%
Mercury 91.2%
Mercury 91.2%
Lead 99.3%
Lead 99.3%

Get to Know Your Royal Prestige® FrescaFlow

Three filters that work together to help block substances so you can enjoy your filtered water.
Get a constant flow of water whenever you want it. You can fill an 8-ounce glass in six seconds.
Filter Life - GoodFilter Life - Replace SoonFilter Life - Replace Now
A screen that indicates the status of your filtered water and the lifespan of your filters.
You need to immediately change the filter it indicates.
You have a maximum of 15 days to change the filter to ensure that it continues to operate optimally.

Add Minerals with This Cartridge

Mineralizer Splash Image

Add Minerals with This Cartridge

Transform your filtered water into an enriching experience. The mineralizer makes every sip a source of vitality by adding minerals, enhancing the taste of your water, and boosting your well-being.

Your Solution for Filtered Water

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Benefits of Your Royal Prestige® FrescaFlow

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