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Royal Prestige® Kitchen Knife Set


Take your recipes to the next level with our improved knife set

Meet the Royal Prestige® Kitchen Knife Set, our classic knife set re-engineered with a professional grip, for a more precise cut and reduced fatigue. Delight your friends and family by making professional-level cuts from the comfort of your home. Now you'll have all the tools you need to make those dream recipes come true!

The set includes:

• Royal Prestige® Bread Knife
• Royal Prestige® Chef's Knife
• Royal Prestige® Santoku Knife (7”)
• Royal Prestige® Filet Knife
• Royal Prestige® Paring Knife
Why You'll Love It
  • Functional | The improved handle allows you greater comfort and control when chopping your ingredients.
  • Stainless Steel | Manufactured with German stainless steel for greater strength and durability, and an edge that that stays sharp for longer.
  • Pre-Sharpened Blade | Comes with a pre-sharpened edge, so it's ready to use right out of the box!
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"I love how this knife feels in my hands! The perfect weight and grip. I highly recommend it."
Maria L.

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