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Dec 13, 2023

What is the Difference Between Tank and Tankless Water Filtration Systems?

Finding the perfect water filtration system can be a challenge, with countless options that can be overwhelming. Two terms you’ll often hear are “with tank” and “tankless.” What’s the real difference and why should you choose the tankless reverse osmosis system provided by Royal Prestige® FrescaFlow? 

Water Filtration System With Tank: The Past 

Imagine a filtration system with a large tank. While it can be effective, it has its drawbacks. These systems take up space, require additional maintenance and cleaning, and can be somewhat slow. In summary, they work but might not be the smartest solution. 

Tankless Water Filtration System: The Future with Royal Prestige® FrescaFlow 

And here’s where Royal Prestige® FrescaFlow comes in, a revelation in the world of water filtration. The key? Tankless reverse osmosis technology. This system connects directly to your water supply, providing instantly filtered water with essential minerals, without the wait, and with a capacity of up to 950 gallons per day (GPD). 

Benefits of Royal Prestige® FrescaFlow: 

  • Instantly Filtered Water: Forget waiting for a tank to fill. Water flows directly to your glass and fills in 6 seconds. 

  • Unmatched Quality: Reverse osmosis filtration acts on a microscopic level. 

  • Essential Minerals: Royal Prestige®’s external mineralizer helps replenish essential minerals for your wellbeing. 

  • Space Saving: Without a tank, you don’t take up additional space in your kitchen. It’s discreet and efficient. 

  • Eco-Friendly: Reduces your consumption of plastic bottles. 

The Choice Is Clear: Royal Prestige® FrescaFlow 

Innovation never stops, and Royal Prestige® FrescaFlow is at the forefront of elegant and efficient water filtration. 

The revolution of filtered water has arrived – are you ready to join in? Contact a distributor today! 

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