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Royal Prestige® Smart Temp
Nov 28, 2023

How to Use Your Royal Prestige® Smart Temp

Have you ever doubted if your Royal Prestige® stainless steel pots and pans are reaching the correct temperature while cooking? Now you can ensure your Royal Prestige® pots and pans are at the ideal temperature with the new Royal Prestige® Smart Temp – offering you a unique opportunity to conquer any recipe without any guesswork and allowing for a more intuitive culinary experience. 

How to Correctly Use the Royal Prestige® Smart Temp 

To start, place the Royal Prestige® Smart Temp in the center of your stainless steel Royal Prestige® pot or pan. Once it’s secure, turn on the stove with caution. You will see how the temperature indicator starts to move once the temperature starts to rise. 

Color Codes to Identify Temperature 

Familiarize yourself with our simple color system to ensure the confidence, accuracy, and safety you need while preparing your dishes. Each color indicates the next step of your cooking process: 

  • Blue – The blue flame icon indicates that it is preheating. 

  • Green – The illuminated green area indicates that you can cook. We recommend cooking when the complete Royal Prestige® logo appears. 

  • Red – This indicates overheating. In this case, remove the pot and/or pan from the heat source or lower the temperature immediately. 

Always Remember  


  • When the complete Royal Prestige® logo at the top and the green arrow at the bottom appear, it means that the ideal cooking temperature has been reached (396oF or 202.2oC approximately).  

  • Once the logo is displayed in full, use the silicone handle to remove the thermometer and start cooking. Make sure to place it on a heat-resistant surface while it cools. 

  • Avoid overheating as it can damage your pot or pan. 

  • After cooking, clean your Royal Prestige® Smart Temp with a damp kitchen towel. 

IMPORTANT: Protect your pots and pans against thermal shock. Never expose them to cold water when they are hot, always wait for them to cool down before washing them in cold water. 

It’s time for you to ensure precision in your kitchen. No more guessing – the ideal temperature can be measured and achieved with your Royal Prestige® Smart Temp! Discover more surprising benefits by learning more on our website. 

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