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Dec 13, 2023

How to Install Your Royal Prestige® FrescaFlow

If you’ve decided to install your Royal Prestige® FrescaFlow yourself, you have access to various resources that can assist you, including:  

Installation Video
Watch the step-by-step installation process, learn about the tools you need, and how to use them: LINK 

User Manual 

If you prefer written instructions, follow the installation steps outlined in your manual. You can print a physical copy or reference it here: LINK  

Product Page 

Find everything you need here. Review all available materials to understand where to place it, how to replace the filters, and more. 

Note: You must familiarize yourself and comply with the plumbing codes and local regulations in your state, city, municipality, community, condominium and/or building regarding the installation of devices like the Royal Prestige® FrescaFlow. It is your responsibility to know and follow these requirements. You are responsible for obtaining the necessary authorization for installing the system in your home. 

Contact a distributor and take a step toward wellness with the Royal Prestige® FrescaFlow!  

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