Waterless Cooking

The Royal Prestige® Novel® Cooking Systems are designed to cook fresh and frozen vegetables (and some fruits) with very little added water. This method reduces the loss of nutrients that occurs with other cooking techniques, while keeping the natural flavors.

How it works:

  • Vegetables and fruits have high water content, enough to cook them as long as heat is controlled and moisture is retained inside the pan.
  • The Cooking Systems have been made to provide even heat distribution. This allows the vegetables on top to cook just as well as those on the bottom—without boiling water to distribute the heat.
  • The Redi-Temp® valve whistles when the proper cooking temperature is reached (approximately 82 °C). This temperature is enough to kill germs and bacteria that could be found in food, without destroying all the nutrients sensitive to heat.  

    More details available in the Novel Recipe® Book.