Efficient Cooking:

The NOVEL® design is not only clean and avant-garde, it also maximizes efficiency. Its smooth edges work together with the Silichromatic™ ring to create a perfect seal that promotes moisture and flavor retention.

Suregrip™ Handles:

They are ergonomic and easy to clean. They also resist temperatures up to 400 °F/204° C in the oven.

Basting Rings:

The covers feature rings that facilitate the precipitation of the moisture, so foods can be cooked in their own juices.

Silichromatic Ring™:

It helps seal the steam inside the cookware for better nutrient retention and time control.

Redi-Temp® Valve:

It whistles to let you know when it’s time for the next cooking step, so preparing your recipes is an easier task.

Induction Capable:

The base of the Royal Prestige® NOVEL® Cooking Systems is made of magnetic induction stainless steel, so you can use them with any induction cooktop.

Contemporary Colors

The Silichromatic ring™ is available in interchangeable colors to match your kitchen’s décor.


The Royal Prestige® NOVEL® saucepans and skillets resist temperatures up to 400 °F, so you can use them in the oven. Just remember to not exceed this temperature; neither use the broiler setting.