10-liter Pressure Cooker

6-liter Pressure Cooker

  • 6.4 qt / 6 L capacity
  • Detachable cover. The Royal Prestige® exclusive cover design can be easily disassembled to help expedite deep cleaning.
  • Durable and high quality. Due to its high quality stainless-steel construction, you can cook in it for long periods of time, saving you money on replacements.
  • Safe molded-over silicone handles. The heat resistant handles allow you to safely and comfortably move the pot full of hot food from one place to another.
  • 4 Security mechanisms. Enjoy the confidence and security you are looking for when cooking with the Royal Prestige® Pressure Cookers.
  • Excellent warranty. The Royal Prestige® Pressure Cookers are backed by a 50-year limited warranty, so you can enjoy them for many years.
  • Versatile and modern. You can cook your exquisite dishes on either electric, gas, or magnetic induction cooking stoves.
  • Fast and efficient cooking. Always retaining a delicious flavor, the heat is evenly distributed throughout the pot for a faster cooking time saving you hours in the kitchen.