Make your American Dream a reality with the Royal Prestige® Opportunity

Our success story

Hy Cite Enterprises, LLC was founded in 1959 by Peter O. Johnson, a visionary committed to offering high quality products and personalized service to Customers, as well as giving a business opportunity to entrepreneurs in numerous countries. 

Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Hy Cite has become one of the leaders in direct sales and marketing. We offer the innovative Royal Prestige® product line. Additionally, we provide financing, customer service and marketing support to a network of over 4,500 Distributors throughout the United States and worldwide. With offices in several countries, Hy Cite currently employs 700 employees and has more than one million Customers.

Embrace the Royal Prestige® Opportunity!

If you are ready to make a change, if you want the income and independence that come with a successful career in sales and having your own business, then contact us today. With the Royal Prestige® opportunity, there is no prior experience or investment required. You can become a successful entrepreneur and enjoy big earnings and incentives.

What are you waiting for?

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Inocente Perez
Distributor Service Support