Overview of Survey Results

Hy Cite Corporation™ is always looking for ways to improve the service levels provided to customers of its Royal Prestige® products. In 2003, Hy Cite Corporation hired an independent market research firm to conduct a Customer Satisfaction Survey for Royal Prestige® customers. As part of this large project, the market research firm randomly selected 2280 out of 114,963 current and paid-in-full Royal Prestige® customers to receive a detailed survey, which addressed the customer's experience in the areas of Salesperson Performance, Order Processing and Delivery, Customer Service, and Products. Out of 2280 questionnaires mailed, 718 were completed and returned giving the survey a overall confidence level of 95%. In the results displayed in the following charts, the term 'Positive Score' refers to the combined ratings of 'Outstanding' and 'Satisfactory'. The term 'Improvement Score' refers to the combined ratings of 'Not So Good' and 'Poor'. Although there are no exact guidelines, an average customer satisfaction level across many types of companies and industries is 82% or a 'B' grade.

Overall Satisfaction

Salesperson Performance

Order Processing and Delivery

Customer Service

Product Performance