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Pro Insurance

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Hy Cite Corporation is pleased to announce that PRO Insurance Managers, Inc., a leading national broker since 1951, is Hy Cite's endorsed resource for Health, Life, Dental and Vision and many other benefits programs for Distributors. Thousands have enjoyed only the highest quality plans and assistance from PRO's professional, licensed staff. PRO works only with "A Excellent" or higher rated insurance companies. This rating is vital, as it indicates the financial strength and stability of these carriers and "A" is the highest rating obtainable.

The Direct Selling Association (DSA) also exclusively endorses PRO Insurance to all member companies and their sellers. Rates are based on a variety of factors and plans are customized for you.

PRO has access to most insurance carriers and plans. In a majority of cases the coverage they recommend is not only broader, but it is also competitively priced (typically around ½ the cost of employer sponsored plans). PRO doesn't offer HMO's, rather they prefer to work with PPO's (preferred provider organizations) since they are vastly broader in doctor and hospital choices and much less restrictive. These programs also don't utilize a primary care doctor - you can go to any doctor in the network for maximum benefit. They will even pay benefits (at a reduced rate) when you see a doctor outside of the program. Any doctor, any hospital plans are also available.

It's easy to get a FREE immediate online, no obligation quote for the Hy Cite endorsed plans! Just click the link below and after you've put a bit of your information into the system, it will search multiple companies for the best rates. Once it gives you results, you'll find complete plan information, provider directories and you can even apply online. PRO can help you through the process if you'd like with a quick call to their toll free lines. Thousands have experienced the first-class service received when dealing with PRO Insurance.

In addition to the Health plans offered, PRO also offers programs for Short Term Health, Student Medical plans, Level Premium Term Life, International Travel Medical, Disability Income, Long Term Care, a Benefits Savings Card providing Physician/Hospital, Dental, Vision, Prescription, Chiropractic, Alternatives and Hearing discounted benefits all on one card and more.

Click here to see what all the excitement is about and why Hy Cite Corporation and the DSA have endorsed these programs to their field forces -

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