Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Three Day Cancellation Period (aka “Cooling Off Period”)

Federal Law guarantees each consumer who makes a purchase from a direct seller outside of their normal place of business three business days to reconsider their purchase and cancel in writing if they so desire.

Hy Cite Corporation/Royal Prestige® has thousands of satisfied customers in its nearly 50 years of business. We take great measures to ensure our consumers are provided their right with all documents having the full disclosures and documentation to notify the sales office of a cancellation as required by law and that each consumer who exercises the cancellation option within the three business days is honored. The company takes additional steps to contact the consumer directly and discuss their purchase prior to consummating the contract; this eliminates miscommunication and errors.

After the sales presentation and in the comfort of their home the consumer has the time to review their purchase and evaluate their purchase decision. The consumer will also receive a courtesy call confirming their purchase and desire to receive the products. This process eliminates any pressure the customer may have felt at the time of the sale and gives them the opportunity to exercise their rights.

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